martedì 17 maggio 2011

The Tar Sands Blow (Lush Remix)

Per una volta posto un articolo anglofono..., ma utile.
"Stop Canada's Tar Sands: The Most Destructive Project on Earth
There’s a dirty secret that we want to share with you - it involves intrigue, big business, and a lot of scandal. Our governments have crawled into bed with big oil companies, and it’s creating a mess for the people of Canada, and the world.
At LUSH we don’t just make cosmetics, we stand up for issues that we care about. We believe in protecting people, animals and the planet, so when we learned about the tar sands, we knew we had to take a loud and proud LUSH stand against ‘the most destructive project on earth.’ Canada’s tar sands developments are happening in our own backyard and we want to see them stopped. The tar sands spew out massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, pump toxins into the environment, poison water and wildlife, trigger disease in surrounding communities and destroy ancient boreal forest. Here at LUSH, we know it’s time for an oil change!
There are environmentally-friendly alternatives to oil production, including clean energy such as wind and solar power. However, U.S and Canadian governments are not investing in these green and renewable energy options the way they should. LUSH wants everyone to be aware of the devastating environmental, social and political costs of the tar sands so we can all make informed decisions, put pressure on our governments and break our own oil addiction. Governments should stop subsidizing this toxic fuel, and instead invest in clean, renewable energy. To bring about big change, action has to come from the public and the government, which is why we are reaching out to you, our customer, to help us put an end to Canada’s tar sands."
Grazie Cristina.

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